Happy new year


The latest edition of Tupiniers took place on 10 and 11 september 2016

The theme this year was “Terre de Corée”

Korean contemporary ceramics was in the spotlight and we had the pleasure of receiving and exposing the Korean potters of Gyeongsangbuk-do Ceramic Association.

Yoo, Tae-Keun(1) shim, jae-yong Kim, Ki-Jo 1 Kim, Eui-Sook Cho, Dong-il Ahn, Jin-Seok Baek, Young-Gyu


Baek, Young-Gyu(1)

Ceramics has been a major art in the “Land of the Morning Calm” since thousands of years. The most recognized potters accede to the title of Living National Treasure and are part of the Immaterial Cultural Patrimony of the Korean nation.

Today’s South Korea is a synonym of a land of high technology, but has not forgotten its history and traditions. Contemporary Korean artists use ancestral techniques and know-how, as well as the symbolic richness of ceramics in order to develop expressions that reinvent forms and forge new esthetic or personal visions. Tradition and modernity coexist and nourish each other in calm harmony.

For all these reasons we are very glad to receive at our 31st edition of the Tupiniers du Vieux Lyon  the ceramic artists of the Gyeongsangbuk-do Ceramic Association, the first association of Korean professional ceramic artists.

In the heart of our studios, the same passion, the same enthousiasm and the same professionalism motivates all of us – French and Korean ceramic artists.

According to the already famous phrase about our event: “You who dream of or wish to create a better world, do a first step and come to buy a specimen in our market’s alleys.”

We are looking forward to meet you during these two days of our market’s new edition that will take you to the Earth of Korea; and we secretly hope that you will be seduced and go back home with an object, a creation, a small part of this earth that we all share… 

Laurence GIRARD

Ceramic artist

President of the Tupiniers du Vieux Lyon