The last edition of Tupiniers took place on 9 and 10 september 2017

The theme this year is “Terre, bois et feu et pluie !”

… despite some climatic hazards, the enthusiasm of all allowed us to create
a beautiful edition 2017 !
Many thanks to the potters firing in wood kilns who brought their most finest pieces for the exhibition in the Lazarists’ courtyard.
Many thanks to the 140 ceramists who stayed in joy and good mood in spite of the rainy Saturday morning.
Many thanks to the visitors who this year still were numerous, interested and connoisseurs!
Lastly, many thanks to the volunteers who contribute to the success of this major event each year.

We are very glad to honour with our 32nd edition of the Tupiniers du Vieux Lyon the potters firing in wood kilns.


All potters entrust their creations to a kiln or a fire.

But some potters do even more. They build their kiln, feed it with wood during several days and live with the “beast” – they supervise it, nourish it. They pay attention to all the signs of this agent so essential for their creation.

Potters have been firing their pots in wood fire during thousands of years. Contemporary ceramists still use wood fire for the effects of the flame passing on the clay surface.

We are very glad to honour with our 32nd edition of the Tupiniers du Vieux Lyon the potters firing in wood kilns. We are particularly glad to welcome the wood firing ceramists of La Borne, a small village of the Berry near Bourges, whose reputation is no longer to be earned as to the mastery of this technique of firing.

During those two days you will have the chance to meet 142 potters, to discover their demanding and passionate technique through the exhibition and films in the Lazarists’ courtyard and all along the market alleys. 

So follow our now famous invitation: “You who are dreaming, or already trying to build a better world, take a first step – come and pick a sample of it in our market alleys”.

This 32nd edition of our event will reveal to you unknown aspects of contemporary ceramics.  We look forward to meeting you during those two days; and we secretly hope that you will be seduced by our creations and buy an object, a small part of this earth we all share… 


Laurence GIRARD

Ceramic artist

President of the Tupiniers du Vieux Lyon