The event

The event 2019: The earthenware is glazed

Our 2019 event proposes to take a look at the many facets of the slip decorated earthenware. Within the court of Lazarists, three spaces will be entirely dedicated

The first is going to be dedicated to a vast exhibition entitled “the banquet of the slip decorated earthenware” and will regroup in a spirit “workshop of potter” many big names of this technique but also the exhibitors present on the market 2019, past masters in this field.

In the second, three talented ceramicists, Jean Jacques Dubernard, Jerome Galvin and Christine Zablocki, will amaze you by the original way they have to approach this technique. We gave them “carte blanche”, we bet that it will be for the least confusing, and maybe … explosive !!!

Screenings of films will occupy the third space, whose topics are related to the theme of the year but also, a first for our event, you can attend on Saturday as well as on Sunday at two conferences given by two speakers experts in this technique. Nadège Locatelli, Director of the House of Ceramics of the Pays de Dieulefit will address the regional and heritage dimensions of this technique very practiced in our region Rhône Alpes. François Fresnais, glazed potter in Burgundy, author of books on the subject, will focus on the practical dimension and evolution of this technique over time.

Finally, icing on the cake, M. d’Angelo, muralist painter, brighten the entrance to the courtyard with colorful frescoes. Perhaps we have here, a modern version of the festive spirit that presided over the decorations of the glazed pottery?